At Liberty Bell Consulting, we focus on engaging, educating, and enabling.  Through formal training and real class-room experience, we actively engage adult learners in the presentation through collaboration and total learner involvement to educate and enable.  The following educational-focused presentations have been developed.  Please contact Liberty Bell Consulting to discuss your professional speaking and presentation needs.

Business Management Presentations

Topic: Jack Welch Lessons for the Small Business Owner

Jack Welch’s success at GE resulted from a blend of personal leadership characteristics and organizational science knowledge.  These skills helped Mr. Welch lead GE for over 20 years.  Join John as he explores these leadership and organizational levers and helps you understand how the lessons of Jack Welch can significantly impact your small business and your success as a small business owner.

Participants will accomplish the following objectives during the Jack Welch Lessons for the Small Business Owner presentation:

  • Introduce participants to the personal and organizational levers used by Jack Welch.
  • Engage participants in an application session to see how these skills can be applied to your small business.
  • Develop specific action plan for success!

Topic: Me, Myself & I, My First LLC: Steps for the Budding Entrepreneur

Establishing an LLC and claiming to be an Independent Consultant is just the first step in becoming a business.  Join John as he shares good and bad lessons from his experience in founding four companies over the past five years.  This program will include hands-on, interactive sessions to explore your potential as an entrepreneur, your business idea, and set you up for the next steps on your path to success.

Project Management Presentations

Topic: Project Management for the Non Project Manager

As our economy continues to transform, our companies, organizations, community groups and even our non-profit professional associations, like PMI, IIBA, AITP, SHERM, and SLA, are becoming more and more projectized.  What should a skilled, experienced, and prepared professional do?

Embrace project management!

Join us for this informative, total learner involved interactive presentation to discuss and explore project management, experience and apply new project management tools and understand how project management might be a natural progression for your career.

Participants will accomplish the following objectives during the Project Management for the Non Project Manager presentation

  • Introduce participants to Project Management and explore how they are already Project Managers through an interactive and small group activity.
  • Allow participants to take part in a stakeholder identification exercise and learn how to assess and manage stakeholders.
  • Engage participants in a Triple-Constraint discussion and assessment.
  • Highlight “Project Management” skills.
  • Develop a roadmap for formalizing a Project Management career path.

Topic: Managing the Gray – Ethics and Project Management

How do you ensure that your project and your actions as the Project Manager remain above reproach?  Join John as he discussed models of ethics and ethical decision-making and the impact on managing projects.  Gain an understanding of PMI’s view of ethics and how to identify and control ethical situations.  Finally, learn to build ethics into your process to ensure you are ethically “managing the gray”.

Participants will accomplish the following objectives during the Managing the Gray presentation:

  • Introduce participants to ethical levels of reasoning.  Working with real-world examples, the audience will be able to apply these levels of reasoning.
  • Explore PMI’s approach to ethics for the Project Manager.
  • Engage participants in a “managing the gray” discussion – those critical situations where ethics have to be applied.
  • Facilitate the audience in developing an integrated approach to including ethics and ethical checkpoints and templates into their projects.

Topic: Auditing Your Project

You are somewhere between executing, monitoring, and controlling your project.  Delivering the project successfully is the only option.  You sense something might be going wrong or you are starting to get data that a variance exists in your project.  It might be time to conduct a project audit.  Join John as he share tips for including a project audit on your project.

Participants will accomplish the following objectives during the Auditing Your Presentation presentation:

  • Introduce basic audit principles.  Learn how to apply these to a project.
  • Learn to audit a project to answer the question: “Are we following the process?”
  • Learn to audit a project to answer the question: “What are we missing?”
  • Explore project audit steps and engage audience in developing an approach to including audit checkpoints and templates into their projects.

Topic: 7.5 Habits of Highly Effective Project Managers

Learn how you can apply Covey’s famous Seven Habits to leading Projects.  There are several tools, techniques and approaches that can be used to maximize the “7 Habits” in YOUR project: Be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind, Put First Things First, Think Win/Win, Seek First to Understand, Synergize, and Sharpen the Saw.  Sometimes Seven isn’t enough…. Join John to discover the 7.5 Habits of Highly Effective Project Managers.

  • Participants will accomplish the following objectives during the 7.5 Habits of Highly Effective Project Managers presentation:
  • Review the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
  • Through the use of small break outs, participants will work with these 7 “Habits” and incorporate them into both your project plan and your approach to leading projects.
  • Develop specific action plan for success!

Here What Others are Saying

“I invited John to speak to the Wisconsin Chapter of the Special Libraries Association about project management.  Not only did he deliver, but also he exceeded expectations.  He took the time to research and understand the background of the profession. He created a hour-long presentation (sans PowerPoint) that was engaging and interactive, encouraging attendees to work with the material right away.  Best of all, he connected with the audience in a very personal manner, utilizing his wit and humor effectively for an enjoyable experience.  The feedback from my members has been exceptionally positive, which makes me thrilled with the results.

I would highly recommend contacting John when seeking a speaker on project management.”

Kyle Naff, Past-President, Wisconsin Chapter of SLA

“John’s presentation at this year’s Leaderfest was outstanding, not just as a primer on the fundamentals of project management, but also as an interactive illustration on why solid PM is not just important, but critical to success in today’s business climate.  With the ability to break down complicated processes into terms and experiences that everyone can relate to, his connection with the audience is inviting and warm, which is a crucial plus for seminar and event presentations.  I highly look forward to gaining more insight from John at future events.”

Matt Prendergast, director of business development, burnham richards

“John Muraski spoke at a professional organization that I am a member of recently on Project Management.  His presentation, materials and speaking style are all clearly demonstrative of his enthusiasm for his subject and his desire to share his knowledge.  This presentation would be of great relevance to any organization.  His style of delivery conveys warmth, good humor, and inclusiveness with strong facts and research.”

Valerie Lawson, SLA Wisconsin Member

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